Public Relations

PR (classic)

Public Relations (PR) manages the company's relationship with the public and provides factual, but positive reports to the media. Good PR establishes a reputation which affects the company and its employees. The customer gains new and interesting information about you, your products, and your services, but most importantly key messages are designed to stay in the mind of your target audience, thus strengthening your image and long-term connection with relevant groups of interest.

GLADIO works professionally: Because you are our priority, our campaigns focus entirely on you and promote your image in a lively and interesting way.

PR activities:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Themes and messages management
  • Acquisition press
  • Crisis PR
  • Media relations / planning groups
  • Creative meetings
  • Brand and product PR
  • Corporate wording concepts
  • Internal communications

PR in new media

The daily use of online services for press work and public relations has become standard.

More than 95% of all German companies use the Internet for their communication processes. Over 65% of all German households have a computer with internet access.

Media representatives and journalists use online services close to 100% of the time. Thus, online PR is an essential practice to reach all the key target groups quickly, cheaply, and reliably. Product presentations, image promotion, and crisis management are all different objectives. We use a diverse set of online PR tools meet your specific requirements. GLADIO launches your messages professionally and effectively in the most important media and delivers fast and direct communication with opinion makers and your target group.

  • Presentations
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • RSS Feeds
  • Web 2.0 portals
  • SEO
  • Press work
  • Newsletter