Philosophy and objectives

GLADIO is the sword and shield of your successful communication.

Our agency name has its origin in the Latin language. In ancient Rome, GLADIO was the sword of the Roman legionnaire. This weapon was used by the legionnaire to advance the interests of Rome.

Today, companies must fight for markets, market shares and ultimately for customers. Although a bloodless battle, it requires intense and sophisticated skills in the field of communication.

Wherever your business enters into competition with another, GLADIO is the sword that fights for your interests. What was the conquest to the Roman fighters, to us is your successful acquisition of profitable business markets, the achievement of your particular sales targets, and your ultimate success.

Therefore, GLADIO is not only your sword, but also the shield for defending your values in the market.

The foundation of every company's success is the targeted and efficient use of communication, and market affecting strategies.

After all, what benefit is the best offer unless the customer knows about it? What is the use of internal crisis management for accidents, losses or attacks by competitors, if "bad press", damage to image, or loss of customer confidence cannot be avoided?
GLADIO protects you.

GLADIO is your sword and your shield.