About Us

A business stands and falls by its human resources.

Our employees consist of a team of experts from different fields of knowledge. This focused know-how of marketing is based on a mix of the academic expertise and the lengthy relevant professional experience of our employees.
GLADIO is built on the following pillars:


Our theoretical expertise and many years of professional experience enable us to transform customers’ ideas, and requests into best practice.

Business Law

Utilising knowledge in economics and law, GLADIO provides you with the necessary security in the areas of fair trading, copyright and trademark law. Risks are avoided and potentials exploited.

Business Management

We see the customer as a unified entity and we establish marketing priorities grounded in a business context. In this way, your company will be perceived as a single working unit by employees, competitors, and most importantly by your business goals.

Information management

We use the IT innovations in the field of digital media. High-quality web design, e-business, online marketing and email marketing are all part of GLADIO's approach.